Some insights on Team Kinetic

1 – What is the main characteristic of you team?
Our passion for the sport of Adventure Racing and every aspect of it (training, races type, details, gear-gear-gear, camaraderie, pushing the limits)

2 – What do you expect of your participation in the race?
We expect to discover a very welcoming country/culture, and get to the end of the race.

3 – Which was the best adventure race you have ever been to, and why?
Tierra Viva in Argentina ( A classic uncluttered unsupported expedition adventure race organized by passionate racers, for passionate racers, in a stunning and pristine environment with very little geopolitical constraints.
Raid the North Extreme ( Classic expedition race, challenging navigation and epic course, top notch organization and great party! THE canadian expedition adventure race!
Raid Pulse ( Best AR series in Qc.  For all level of racers.  We dare you to try it!

4 – Which is you favorite means of progression in adventure races?
BIKE-BIKE-BIKE-BIKE! Good thing half of the ARWC this year is on two wheels!!

5 – What are your expectations regarding the race in November?
Finish to full course and have a great time is our primary objective. Best canadian team would be great, and we dream of a top 10! 🙂

6– What do you know about the adventure races organized in Portugal?
Actually not much! but we are arriving one week ahead of time to take a look around and familiarise ourselves with maps and terrain.  We saw pictures and read articles online, so we are eager to discover this warm country.

7 – What does this sport mean to you? What makes adventure races so special in your point of view?
What other sport offers you walk on blisters half asleep, drinkink creek water and relying on bacon and duck tape for days???? only AR…. 🙂  AR is the ultimate team sport, where we push our physical and mental abilities to their limits, and well beyond. It’s our way to do something different in life. We just love it.


2 Réponses

  1. Jonathan

    Yah,, your’re right this is it ! The perfect picture of an adventure racer !

    Good luck guys !

    let’s go kinetic !

    31 octobre 2009 à 10:51

  2. Nathalie Langlois

    Peu de gens peuvent vraiment comprendre ce qui vous attends et qu’elle folie ça prend pour s’embarquer dans une telle aventure. Oui, il faut être fou mais en même temps avoir une bonne tête sur les épaules pour avoir une préparation minutieuse avant la course et surtout avoir du jugement, bien se connaître, gérer son énergie et essayer de prendre les meilleures décisions durant la course. Je sais que vous avez tous ces atouts et peut importe ce qui va se passer là-bas, tous les « raideurs » du Québec vont être fiers de ce que vous aller accomplir. Amusez-vous et pensez que pendant une semaine, vous n’entendrez plus parler de la grippe A H1N1, bande de chanceux!

    1 novembre 2009 à 7:21

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