Race food!

Today, we went to the grocery store to do our « race food » supply.  Now a lot of people might think that we only eat food that was developed for the purpose of sport i.e. gels, powerbars, etc.  It’s only partly true, we do rely on this food for a fraction of our intake, but you quickly get tired of the taste and stop eating if this is all you have.

So were do we turn?  Confort food!!!  Cookies, candies, fruit sauces, chips, bacon, beef jerkies, cakes…  Variety is key.  The more different tastes, the better your chances of eating continiously.  Here is what the grocery looked like:

Race food!

For this race, we are also very lucky to have a top performance support crew that will be able to provide us with fresh and tasty food at assistance areas where we will meet with them.  All these calories will be easily burned while we push actively for 22 to 24h a day for 5 days straight burning as much as 8000 Cals a day.  Now that’s a diet we can follow!


Une Réponse

  1. Francis'Mom

    Je vois que tu aimes encore les biscuits ‘OREO’ comme quand tu étais petit !…mais les biscuits Subway sont bien meilleurs (surtout lorsqu’ils sont chauds)…
    Pout ta compétition, tu devrais plutöt opter pour des noix et des bananes..Plus riche en protéines et en K+ et sürement meilleur pour tes muscles….
    Quoique le sucre est une bonne source d’énergie aussi…Il suffit de doser et de trouver le juste équilibre… xoxo!

    5 novembre 2009 à 8:08

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