A rumour wants that Mike Kloser from the Nike team was seen in the back seat of a driving car.

I really hope it’s false because Mike Kloser is an icon in this sport.
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3 Réponses

  1. Nathalie Langlois

    En tout cas, il n’avait pas l’air en grande forme selon sleepmonsters:

    The two teams arrived close together, Nike coming in first and there were extremely cold. Mike Kloser fell out of the boat and nearly got rammed, then had to be called back as he walked past the Sportident punch.

    13 novembre 2009 à 5:41

  2. Mike here, No I did not get into a moving car in the race and would not as I do not want to break rules or be known as a cheater! Monique and I did take a short sleep in a race organization vehicle after the 1.5km paddle (the race staff knew we were there and okayed this), prior to the rope ascent. We had to wait there for the other teams which were directed on the short course ahead of us . This was a real bummer for us as we shivered in the cold night trying to rest!

    Also, I did not fall out of the boat at the end of the other mentioned paddle, but was very cold from being in the wind and rain in the front of the boat. I did pass by the control punch on the shore, but as stated did go back the 10 meters or so to punch in, no big deal.

    Thanks for hearing my side of things as crazy rumors do get started and blown out of proportion.

    Mike Kloser

    11 décembre 2009 à 1:05

    • Vince

      Vince here, support of Team Kinetic, I’m sorry that a simple post on our blog got to your attention and into the first page of Google when looking for you.
      As I said in the body of my post « I really hope it’s false because Mike Kloser is an icon in this sport. » I’m glad this was a false rumour.
      For your info, the rumour started when a racer told Geoff Hunt at T15 that you had been seen in a moving car.

      Following my team at their first participation at the Worlds, I had the chance to witness your team performance.
      For all of us, it was great to be in contact with teams like yours who have been competiting at the highest level for years on the international scene. Still can’t understand how can you go so fast for so long on these races. You should apply for the next Superman.

      Your response is a confirmation that you are a true champion and gentlemen.
      I hope you’ll continue to race in this sport for years to come.

      Cheers, Vincent

      12 décembre 2009 à 12:14

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