T15 done

Team Kinetic just left T15 (end of Kayak). Morale is excellent, but their body doesn’t respond as well as before. Stephanie had a real hard time paddling as she as a real bad shoulder and Pascal slept half the way in the Kayak(they were together). Alex had a small issue last night that I can’t disclose here, but he’s’fine now. Francis is tired but his focus is still very good.

Last day for all. Wow wow!

Cheers, Vincent
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5 Réponses

  1. karine

    Allez Francis…
    Ne lâche pas…j’ai hâte de te revoir.
    C’est bientôt terminé.

    Super team Kinetic…ce n’est pas le moment d’arrêter!


    13 novembre 2009 à 12:09

  2. Alain Harel

    Let’s go gang. Plus qu’un petit effort et ce sera le fil d’arrivée, et un repos bien mérité… Vous nous impressionnez toujours autant. Profitez bien du reste de votre aventure, car vu d’ici ça semble un coin vraiment merveilleux. Je dois vous avouer que nous vous envions un peu!!
    Bonne fin fin de course

    13 novembre 2009 à 12:23

  3. David

    Lâchez pas … dernier stretch on est tous avec vous!

    13 novembre 2009 à 12:36

  4. Bonnie

    This is when the tough dig deeper and who are the tough? Team Kinetic is the tough!!! They may just need a little reminder is all.

    I am not a pro, but here’s two ideas I am tossing out from the peanut gallery:

    Give them a little dose of the « CAN DO TRAIN » … tell them to just keep repeating the following phrase « I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, WOO OOH!! » I hope that translates, but if it doesn’t Alex will hopefully remember it and share it with the team as they continue on.

    Have them start with the basics by singing nursery rhymes as they go along. Seems a bit silly, but it worked for me when I paced my mom in a 100 mile race. It may only be good for 20-30 minute intervals, but it tends to bring on laughter and helps to pass some of the rough times.

    Just some silly suggestions from a silly american itching to see them get across the finish line victoriously!!!🙂

    13 novembre 2009 à 12:37

  5. Bruno

    Let’s go team!

    C’est le dernier sprint, vous êtes forts, lâchez-pas!

    13 novembre 2009 à 12:39

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