Pascal ‘Rascal’ Laroche – Racing successfully since 2005, Pascal is the happy face of the team. With a triathlon and hockey background, Pascal is a strong all around teammate always ready to fulfill workhorse duties. He is also the team’s co-navigator and a strong paddler. A real AR junky, « Rascal » will keep a smile on whatever the adversities. His laughter and jokes are a source of motivation for the team when things get tougher. The thing we don’t know is if teammates are amused by his jokes, or just can’t take it anymore! Bottom line, if this guy is not having fun, we are in deep trouble! Pascal has racked up many podiums in stage races, rogaines (2nd North-American champ) won Tierra Viva with teammate Francis in April 2009 in Argentina and made it 16th at AR world championship in 2009. He also participated to MIX and Primal Quest.

Francis ‘the Tank’ Lambert – Francis is the tough guy on the team. With a diverse athletic and competitive background including mountain biking, triathlons and running, adventure racing was the logical path for him to follow. Intensely racing since 2004, he as participated in over 30 races in Canada, United States, South America and Portugal, and has numerous podiums. Nicknamed « Frank the tank », nothing is yet known to be able to stop Francis on the race course. An experienced navigator with victories in many rogaines and orienteering races, he handles the maps and compass to steer the team through the course. Good all around player, especially strong on the bike, you will often see him helping his team towing a teammate up a hill.

Alexandre ‘Alex’ Provost – Alex has been involved in adventure racing in Québec since 2000. Having successfully raced all kind of races in North America and Europe has brought him a wide variety of experience in short and long distance adventure racing. Alex is a jack of all trade alike racer, with strengths in orienteering and race strategy, whitewater and mountain bike. Most of all, he’s a team player with the only goal in mind to get to the finish line as fast as possible.



8 Réponses

  1. Sonia Laroche

    Salut Pascal,

    Je veux vous dire merde pour la course, on va vous suivre et faire les
    cheerleaders pour vous à partir de notre patelin. Ah je voulais te dire
    regarde en avant pendant la course, ce sera surement moins dangeureux!!!

    Sonia, Charlie et Félix XXXXXXXXX

    5 novembre 2009 à 2:34

  2. Shirley

    Wow ! Quelle belle aventure ! Steph – je te souhaite (a toi et ton equipe) le meilleur de tout ! T’es vraiment superbe – (belle entrevue) ! Je vais suivre ca de pres ! je vous embrasse – et Bonne Fete ma belle Lea !!

    6 novembre 2009 à 3:41

  3. Magell

    Bonne Fête Léa

    Bonne course a toute l,équipe et soyez prudents

    Nous sommes avec vous en pensée magellxxxx

    9 novembre 2009 à 4:53

  4. toma

    nous sommes des raideurs français qui aimerait bien venir faire une course sur plusieurs jours vers chez vous
    pourrais tu me donner des dates et site internet pour monter notre projet


    15 décembre 2009 à 10:33

  5. Geoff Outerbridge

    Hey Alex and Francis – we need help this weekend to teach a navigation seminar. There has been a lot more interest than we expected. WE are up to 28 participants and only 4, maybe 5 instructors. are either of you available to help us out? It would be 5:30 to 9:00 on Friday night and 8:00 to 1:00 on Saturday. There is no preparation required, just show up and share your experience.

    Hope you can make it.


    12 avril 2010 à 2:58

  6. Bonjour!

    Je viens voir votre site de temps en temps, pour voir ce qui se passe avec vous… et il ne se passe rien!!! Comment va Francis? Quelles sont vos prochaines courses? Ce serait cool d’avoir de vos nouvelles!

    Nicolas Pedneault
    FAN des courses d’aventure

    23 février 2011 à 1:20

    • alexprovo

      Salut Nicolas,
      On a prit quelques temps off mais il y a quelques trucs de planifié cet été, dont Race the Phantom, RTNX et Wilderness Traverse.

      Content de voir que ce que nous faisons est apprécié par certains!

      Merci de nous suivre et au plaisir se se croiser lors d’une prochaine course.


      30 mai 2011 à 9:34

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